What is Kurama Magazine

Kurama Magazine aims to help young women become more beautiful, inside and out.


Kurama Magazine is committed to being both an informative and entertaining resource that teaches Caribbean girls how to integrate different aspects of their life, namely mind, body and spirit. In addition, the web site aims to promote personal development, positive body image, and individuality.


What does kurama mean?

Kurama is a word taken from the language of the Kalinago (more commonly known as the Caribs), an indigenous people of the Caribbean who arrived long before the European settlers. Kurama means "to make beautiful", which coincides with the aim of this web site.


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Who are we

Gina Aimey-Moss

Gina, now also known as Gina Banchs-Aimey, the publisher and executive editor of Kurama Magazine, earned a BA in psychology and recently completed her studies at the graduate level. Her background in psychology and her personal experiences inspire her when she writes for the You!(health and personal development) section.

Gina has years of experience working with different publications, including The Nation newspaper, Shabeau Magazine, The Barbados Advocate and Buzz Entertainment.

She has been writing as long as she can remember and has won several literary arts awards. Her creative writing has also been published in different Caribbean literary journals.

Gina's other passions are music, travelling, and meeting new people. Check out Gina's blog.

Michael Alexander Rapley

Michael Alexander Rapley, better known as Mikey Rap, is a late bloomer when it comes to discovering his artistic side. Having been brought up to study the sciences in school, he went on to study Wildlife Conservation at the University of Kent in the UK. It is here that he started to explore his artistic talents, joining the variety of societies the University had to offer, such as Drama, Musical Theatre, and most importantly, the Photography and Modeling Society, where he became the Photography President in his final year.

Mikey has been active in photography for about five years now but has only recently been truly pursuing it. He just launched his brand Michael Alexander that aims to move Barbadian fashion forward.

Mikey has been the person behind the majority of Kurama's official photoshoots and has recently begun writing for the magazine. Since he has experience as a live performer and has a critical ear for live music, who better to write about entertainment? However, he will never profess to being a writer on a professional level and prefers to stick to what he does best. Mikey's blog

Pauline Neckles

Driven, compassionate, generous, ambitious, a dreamer and ever the eternal optimist - these are just a few of the words that can be used to describe Pauline Neckles

Pauline is passionate about life and has many interests in business, media, history, music, fashion, dance, travelling, among others. Drawing on her passion for women’s concerns, she writes about personal development/wellness and love for Kurama Magazine.

An alumnus of the University of the West Indies with, a postgraduate degree in Management, Pauline is a woman of many talents, including a current role as a marketing executive at an Information Technology and Marketing firm. Pauline's blog

Latoya Brathwaite

At a young age, Latoya Brathwaite discovered that creative writing was her passion. She loved imagining people and things that would otherwise not exist without her. She’s inspired by Jodi Picoult and relaxed by artistes like Missy Higgins. Not a loud or “high-energy” individual, she functions best in more laid-back atmospheres. She’s a liberal thinker and questions many things society tells us we should believe.

Yearning for a more positive mindset, the petite “Vampire Diaries” and Betty Crocker cookie lover discovered yoga. Living by the poetic words of Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw: “Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself,” she considers herself a work in progress.

Latoya has an Associate Degree in Mass Communication from the Barbados Community College and is currently working on her BFA in Creative Arts at University of the West Indies Cave Hill’s EBCCI. She’s written a few freelance articles for local publications. Before the age of 21, she wants to learn to ride a bicycle. Latoya's blog


Carlie Pipe

What’s an industry career without an industry name? Fondly dubbed “Chuckie” by colleagues, Carlie Pipe obtained her BA in Communications and Professional Writing at York University, where she took courses in Creative and Technical Writing, Grammar, and other oh so nerdy writer-centred lessons. After graduating, she then started working as a copywriter and producer at a local advertising agency. There Carlie honed her skills on multiple communications pieces such as editorials, proposals, speeches, radio scripts, news releases, headlines, headlines and more headlines. She also had the opportunity to produce radio and TV commercials, as well as direct photo shoots for numerous clients. 

Carlie is currently employed full-time in marketing, co-owns an advertising studio, and writes for regional publications. She is a professional writer, an amateur distance runner, and a mediocre cook. Carlie's blog 


Melissa Stamper 

Melissa Stamper was one of the winners of Kurama Magazine's Writing Contest and currently has a column called 'Sunshine on the Go'. She is an Aruban living abroad with a love for languages and culture. A linguist true at heart, she tried to integrate her Caribbean influence in her studies by studying several dialects of Caribbean English. Having finished her Master’s in English linguistics, Melissa is currently working as a bookseller in The Hague, Netherlands. Besides being a fervent reader, she has a real passion for music and the arts in general.  Melissa would not call herself a foodie but you can seduce her with coffee anytime of the day. Her dream is to combine the love of books and coffee in her own endeavour. When Melissa's not busy organizing events or activities for leisure, she tries to unwind by doing Power yoga and water sports (if the water’s not too cold). Melissa's blog

Janelle Mitchell

Janelle Mitchell was a winner of  Kurama Magazine's Writing Contest and contributes to the web site through her column 'Purple Niche'. She is a creative, energetic, fun-loving and beautiful spirit of a woman. Committed to excellence and personal improvement, it is evident that higher learning is her motto. Holding an associate degree in mass communications and a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts in Creative Arts with Upper Second Class Honours focusing on theatre, her eyes are set in arts management as she completes her MA in Creative Arts. She was recently the editor of the fictional novel ‘Beyond Hope’ by iNDRANi.

Janelle's theatre career has been shaped over the past five years; she was actor, writer, director, stage manager and assistant costume mistress in seven student plays at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination. She has also acted in a few student short films and once experimented briefly in the art of photography. The essence of her spirit is captured in her smile and life philosophy “Live and Love Life”. Janelle's blog



The following writers have contributed to Kurama Magazine significantly in the past.

Jennifer Pollard is a professional career counsellor and lover of jazz, poetry and travel; she wrote about personal development and wellness. Jennifer's blog 

Coretta Joe, a Linguistics student, loves poetry, music and people, and has a great respect for fashion. Coretta's blog

Dre DeCarlo, Bajan socialite and stylist, has interviewed high profile entertainers and was the former fashion editor of Kurama Magazine. Dre's blog

Corey "Narkissos" Springer is an experienced bodybuilder and personal trainer, who was Kurama Magazine's physical fitness expert. Narkissos' blog

Kamilah Cadogan is a forensic psychologist and sub-editor who absolutely loves fashion and wanted to help others enjoy the euphoric feeling of “looking good”. Kamilah's blog

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