Love Killer

Mon, 08/16/2010 - 16:21 — Coretta Joe

Love Killer

You’re here with me but you should have stayed home

Because I still feel very much alone

Even though you’re holding my hands and professing your love,

I disappointed myself as well as my creator above

Eco-Friendly Fashion? Yes!

Wed, 09/08/2010 - 23:39 — Coretta Joe

Eco-Friendly Fashion? Yes!

Can the fashion conscious be green too? Of course! When people think of fashion, more often than not, they do not think about the implications that it has on the environment. However, eco-friendly fashion, sometimes called sustainable fashion has come to the rescue. Such clothing is created and produced with consideration to the environment and the social impact it might have throughout its total lifespan, including its total carbon footprint.

Dreadlocks Do’s And Don’ts

Tue, 08/31/2010 - 21:43 — Coretta Joe

Dreadlocks Do’s And Don’ts

Contrary to popular belief, you MUST spend time maintaining your dreadlocks properly. A lot of people have this misconceived notion that once you do not have chemically processed hair, maintaining your hair otherwise is a breeze. NOT TRUE!

Monokinis Are In!

Sun, 08/01/2010 - 13:20 — Coretta Joe

Monokinis Are In!

Move over two-piece, and get out of the way boring whole piece! Make room for the sexy and very fashionable monokini; it is here to stay, and it is especially hot this summer.

Orange monokini looks fabulous on this model.

Summer Make-up - Staying Fabulous In The Heat

Sun, 07/25/2010 - 14:08 — Coretta Joe

Summer Make-Up - Staying Fabulous In The Heat

We’re in the middle of summer, and it’s hotter than ever. Sure, we have been blessed by the presence of rain after a lengthy absence due to the recent drought, but that doesn’t make the temperature any cooler. This makes wearing make-up on a daily basis a challenge for many women.

Summer heat can be tough on your make-up.

Summer heat can be tough on make-up

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