Fri, 05/14/2010 - 00:56 — Shari Inniss-Grant

The leaves drift and blow away

As the November wind moves and calms my soul

Wiping my tears from my face

Drying them, leaving only a very faint trace

My heart is broken in two

He's six feey under, but he was only five years young

And I stand here, delivering this poem to you

This strong, almost violent, wind has a calming effect on my soul

It is expressing the turbulence I feel inside

Emotions I do not want to deny

Emotions I do not want to deny

I loved him, I loved him so, I still do

And I am bitter that he is gone

He was a bit of my sunshine

So sweet, smart, pure

It is better that he left this world untainted

And never felt the emotions that I feel now, that I have felt so often in some way

So we stand here now

To make our love known, and pay our respects

To say our official goodbyes,

And acknowledge that he's left for a better place

My little brother's flown away

With angels

To a place where there are no dark corners

And only friendly dragons in the forests

ease me now

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