Mon, 08/16/2010 - 16:21 — Coretta Joe

Love Killer

You’re here with me but you should have stayed home

Because I still feel very much alone

Even though you’re holding my hands and professing your love,

I disappointed myself as well as my creator above

You told me you loved me and that it would be ok

So what are we doing at the doctor’s office today?

You were full of sweet lies and lots of charm

Now I’m at risk of doing myself harm

This is not how I envisioned myself

Knocked up at 18 and ruining my health

I so much wanted the perfect family

Instead I’m only creating enemies

My own mother wants nothing to do with me

And you wouldn’t allow me to have this baby

Yet you can sit there and say you’re sorry and that we can work this out

There’s nothing to work out, I’m frustrated beyond doubt

Sick of your lies and empty promises

Now I know the truth; love is not a bed of roses

I say a silent prayer as the nurse called my name

My heartbeat quickens, as I get up, ashamed

Fighting back tears, I climbed on top the bed

After this procedure today, our “love” is officially dead

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