Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:55 — Dillon Ollivierre

The System



We’re living in a world where the poor continues to suffer 

The rich continues to become richer 

We’re living in a system that needs abolishing 

A system that needs recycling 

Crime and violence are on the rise like cost of living 

Suffering escalating 

Poor people crying 

Poverty victims dying 

Cancer patients praying

When will world leaders put aside their differences and unite?

When will they join forces ? When will they end the fight?

When will they think as leaders rather than politicians?

When will they live up to all realistic expectations?

Nation against nation, war against terrorism!

Or is it a war for supremacy?

Everyone wants to be in control, everyone wants to lead, no one wants to follow

Destruction is the path they pave, ill decisions create nothing but pain and sorrow 


As corruptive as the system may be 

We are our worst enemy 

We undermine each other, fight against each other 

We refuse to see each other happy, we refuse to be our brother’s keeper 

We have become a nation of vampires, preying on each other 

Refusing to be our brother’s keeper


Stop! People are crying 


Constantly suffering


As you turn on the television you see devastation taking place in the world 

You see pain on the faces of so many innocent boys and girls 

You see the future of tomorrow

You see a challenging life with great sorrow 

You see destruction, you see death 

You see people living in regret 

You see mental, physical and emotional scars 

You see the end quickly approaching like speeding cars  


How can our youths have hope when the world have gone mad?

How can they survive in a world that’s heading for destruction, how can they smile when everything around them makes them sad?

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