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Adaeze: The DaeDreamer

Adaeze has an energizing sound that is all the way hype and all the way reflective. She’s an intellect who attended Harrison College, a United World College in Norway and The University of Florida.

Fresh off of an impressive performance at Honey Jazz, her acoustic jam on BalconyTV for the song 'Daedream' put her at one of the highest watched videos in the Barbados series. She is the new generation of musicians whose words are weapons and whose songs will make you stand up and take note.



Kurama Magazine: What’s your music like?

Adaeze: My music has that "Life is so awesome, I've got to get up and conquer the world now!" feel to it. I like live instrumentation, island flavor, samples, inspiring chord progressions.

Kurama Magazine: When did you start writing/singing?

Adaeze: I always remember writing little poems (and they were always about social issues). But I was only introduced to spoken word poetry in 2009 and it was like discovering writing all over again. I loved it! From poetry I moved on to hip hop and I decided it was going to be my career in 2012.

Kurama Magazine: What do you think sets you apart from other artists?

Adaeze: I think I have crazier drive than most people. I absolutely love working, I love researching and I love getting constructive criticism. I'm also an all-round artist, so I can be hands-on with all my projects – video, photos, campaign concepts, production.


Adaeze performing live

KM: What is your lifelong dream?

Adaeze: I can't answer this without sounding cheesy... ah well! I just want to change the world; like MJ did, or Lauryn, even Rihanna. I want to make that much of an impact on music, and I want to use my influence to draw attention to pertinent issues.

KM: We’re all raving about your 'One Love' music video. First tell me about the track.

Adaeze: 'One Love' happened so easily I feel like I need to pinch myself. I was fiddling on the piano and came up with a chord progression and hook idea. I took that to Barry 'Barman' Hill of Cover Drive and he took over the production from there. I was writing while he produced the track, and at one point we both stopped and looked at each other. I said: "I just heard a reggae hook," and he said. "Yes! I was just going to ask you if you wanted to add a reggae element." So I scrapped my old hook and re-wrote a reggae hook and finished the verses. It just felt right that way!

KM: What was it like filming the video?

Adaeze: Aw man, don't get me started! That video shoot was such a great experience, having all the DaeDreamers there supporting, having Bajan artists, close friends, as well as strangers there - it was just all #OneLove! It was a challenge for the crew because we've never managed a set with such a big cast, but I think my sister, who directed, held it down nicely!

My fondest memory is the filming of the dance scenes. First off, it gave me the warm-and-fuzzies having my best friend from Harrison College (Aisha Comissiong) be a part of the process as choreographer.


Adaeze's 'One Love'

KM: What is 'One Love’s message?

Adaeze: The song highlights a couple instances of a lack of love, or tainted love and encourages everyone to join the "love movement" by giving more love. I talk about relationships and the insecurities and pride that destroy them, racism, violence, prejudice, materialism, fatherless homes and a lot more. I just wanted to create something that says: "We're different but we all want and deserve love.”

(Free download of 'One Love' here)

KM: And Makonem is a great collab for this record!

Adaeze: I first heard Makonem featured on a track by gospel artist, Sirrah. I remember loving his tone and when I was looking for someone to sing the hook, he was my first choice! He's a chill and fun person and it shines through in his voice.

KM: Do you have a message for your DaeDreamers?

Adaeze: Be as awesome as possible, as often as possible! Thanks for all of the support so far, and I'm really looking forward to all the growth and bonding that's going to happen. #DaeDream

Adaeze is inspired by Lauryn Hill, Tupac and Eminem, she can’t live without blazers and bow-ties, loves to dance and she has the power to make any neat room untidy. Quickly making waves on the music scene, she plays six instruments and fearlessly addresses heavy topics in her songs. Keep in touch with her on Facebook, or on Twitter and instagram using the handle AdaezeLyrics.

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