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BalconyTV: Music With A View

BalconyTV Barbados is on a high. The local franchise for a global web series that focuses the spotlight on indie artists, BalconyTV has also specially featured major names like Foxes, Mumford and Sons and Ed Sheeran. The Barbados channel was started in October, with demo videos shot in early October 2013 and submitted to the global brand for approval.

BalconyTV Barbados was welcomed to the international family with the debut episode released on October 24th, and the rest is history.

Kurama Magazine gets behind the camera with Kishmar Shepherd, director and representative from Nu Visual Media, the company responsible for securing Bim’s spot on the international charts.

kishmar shepherd of nu visual media

Kishmar Shepherd of Nu Visual Media

Kurama Magazine: How did you find out about BalconyTV and why did you want to produce your own?

Kishmar Shepherd: I was browsing the internet and came upon an article talking about Balcony TV and how it started small and spread across the world. I was fascinated by the idea and sent an email to the founder of Balcony TV and asked about how I could get involved.

Kurama Magazine: Tell me about the BalconyTV team you’re working with.

Kishmar Shepherd: Every recording is different, but special. The team we have assembled is really great. We all love what we do and it makes the work easier. The artists are usually really cool people who are sharing a part of themselves with us and with the world.

KM: Past artists have included Debbie Reifer, Adaeze, and Matt Cruz, all in various balconies across the island, and all with great performances. Which balcony was your favourite so far?

KS: My favourite balcony so far would have to be the Gun Hill Signal Station. There was so much history at that location and the performance was powerful. The songs always stick in my head after a performance. It’s an amazing experience to be able to watch the performance live and capture it on video for the world to also get a feel for the magic these artists create through their music. 

Check out Debbie Reifer’s performance of 'The Puppeteer', which has the number one spot on the Barbados charts and hit the top 10 on the global chart for the Christmas season:

KM: What’s it like working with Simon Pipe, the presenter?

KS: Simon Pipe has been such a joy to work with. I feel really honoured to work with him. Our relationship is based on a mutual love and respect for music and people. He is our host and is great with the artists – he is a natural in talking to people.

He also handles the audio and is really good. BalconyTV Barbados would not be possible without the contribution of Simon Pipe and Creek Productions.

simon pipe & livvi franc

Simon has also performed with Livvi Franc in a stirring rendition of their duet 'Through The Blinds' that's currently No. 5 on the global chart.

KM: What do you want to see happen in 2014 for BalconyTV?

KS: I want to us to become a top city for BalconyTV and our performances challenge for top spots on the global music rumble. I want us to reach more artist doing different types of music and interesting sounds. I want to break a new artist and shock the world. I know we have the talent here in Barbados. I want to show the world.

BalconyTV is presented all over the world, including in Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Johannesberg, Dublin, Los Angeles and Barcelona. Barbados is the only English speaking territory in the Caribbean to host a series and it is supported by Nu Visual Media and Creek Productions.

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