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Opening The [Jason] Chase Vault

You may be familiar with the dubious tale of the Chase Vault, the haunted family tomb situated at Christ Church parish church. Legend says that every time the heavily sealed burial chamber is reopened to lay another family member to rest, the coffins have rearranged themselves, as though the dead are turning in their graves.

We’re sharing with you a Chase story you may not have heard; the story about a dreamy, haunting and otherworldly blend of acoustic guitar and electronica known as the band Jason Chase.

Jason Chase's Slumber Party

Jason Chase's cover art for the 'Slumber Party' EP

Kurama Magazine: Where did the name come from?

Jason Chase: The [Chase Vault] phenomena captivated and haunted me for years and I felt that it was the perfect statement about my music. I have always been fascinated by, and moved by things in life that are haunting and mysterious, and I have always felt that way about my home Barbados…. I've always loved the old colonial buildings, especially the old, spooky, dilapidated ones in the city…. covered in vines and untold stories from colonial times.

Kurama Magazine: What inspires you?

Jason Chase: Music for me has often been a way for me to put painful or awkward experiences behind me. A way for me to look my demons in the eye and move on.

KM: You’re also a producer. Tell me about your training at the School of Audio Engineering in London.

JC: The technical knowledge and qualifications in music production were of course very valuable to me, but I can't help but think that my most valuable asset gained from being in London was my international music contacts. It is because of these contacts that I am now able to do collaborations internationally with the help of the internet. And travel on collaborative missions as well, as I did in 2011 to Seattle, Washington to work on recordings with my good friend and talented vocalist/producer Carly Kienow, who I met at SAE in London years before. Strangely enough, I for the first time crossed paths with a few other talented Barbadian artists who studied at SAE with me at the time, including Simon Pipe and Dana Ward. I was always a fan of electronic music and found myself sucked into electronic music production for a little while.

KM: What is Scaredy Cats about?

JC: For much of my life I have suffered with a sleep disorder called 'sleep paralysis'… The disorder normally manifests itself as a feeling of paralysis usually when the sufferer is just waking up or falling asleep. You find yourself unable to move, but are fully awake and aware of your surroundings. Barbadians of old and new have described this experience as 'being ridden by a duppy'… the song Scaredy Cats was my way of coping with it.

KM: What is Gun Smoke about?

JC: Gun Smoke is the about the awkwardness of breaking up in romantic relationships and the way we deal with that pain.

KM: What is Slumber Party about?

JC: Slumber Party is about the awkwardness of two young and inexperienced lovers exploring each other for the first time. It expresses the various unspoken feelings [like] shame, insecurity, eagerness, expectations and disappointment.

KM: What's the next step for Jason Chase?

JC: I'm in the process of getting the 'Slumber Party' EP up for download, but once that is done I will be continuing on with a full 12 song album which will be called 'Rag Doll'. I want to do shows which are sensational, not just musically, but visually. When we perform I don't want people to be dancing around. I want people to be spell bound and motionless – enchanted…. I also have two somewhat controversial music videos in the works right now intended to address the issues of bullying/domestic abuse and racism.... it will be very exciting to see the impact.

Jason Chase is comprised of Jason Chase the lead vocalist, guitarist and producer, Matthew Stringer on drums, Priscilla Fairbrook on cello, Karen Willow the backing vocalist and David Heckler on Bass.

Jason Chase sounds like the next Bjork, Radiohead or Alice in Chains. Light some candles, mellow out and listen here.

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