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 Salt Pt.1: Dark Knight With A Day Job

Salt the radio announcer is Bruce Wayne. He rises as early as 12 am to write the headline news, spends about ten hours a day costumed as the Advertising Manager in his cool SLAM  FM cave and drinks tea to get through a pressing schedule.

Salt the entertainer is Batman. He adorns a mask of confidence and is easily the people’s hero with hits like “See Me And Don’t See Me”, “I Feel So Good” featuring Big Red and “Walk Out Gyal” remixed to feature Tony Matterhorn and Timbaland.

Salt and Rihanna at Crop Over

Salt soaking up the energy of Crop Over with Rihanna

Here’s Bruce Wayne, a lightweight trivia junkie with big opinions and contaminating love of radio.

Kurama Magazine: Where did you get your big opinions?

Salt: I think it was really formulated during my school days at Harrison College. A lot of people think that Harrison College is straight up just books. Harrison College really taught me to think critically, and a lot of my attitudes towards life and perceptions come from how I was educated as well as how I was raised by my parents. That’s how I know so much about Barbados, because me and my brother we were always very quizzical. My father, being the great man that he is, almost always had the answer for us.

Kurama Magazine: What did you like most about Kolij?

Salt: My friends. I really enjoyed lunchtime, break time and PE. When we started doing concerts and whats not, Music 100, that’s what I remember most, and what I loved most about school.

Kurama Magazine: What were your least favourite subjects?

Salt: My hated subjects would definitely have to be foreign languages. I speak one and I don’t even speak it that well! The first term of first form, (Spanish) was the subject that I came last in class. I remember trying to skip my French CXC and the deputy principal Mrs. Gibbs actually called my mother....

KM: Which career path did you think you would follow?

Salt: My cousin left Barbados when he was 18, and I was 10 years old, and he left a holy host of Lil Rick tapes. I went home and listened to these tapes until I knew each of them, every one of them backwards.

In accounts class in 4.4, I was sitting next to Tammi Pilgrim and Tammi asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said I wanted to be a radio announcer. I really expected her to ridicule me for that…but her response immediately was “Well whenever you get on radio make sure that when I call I can get through.”

Salt performing onstage

Salt taking flight on stage

KM: What do you like about producing a radio show?

Salt: The morning show is very interactive and it’s very fast paced, it keeps me on my toes. I just like the fact that in the morning show we’ve come from nothing, and developed into a force to be reckoned with. The morning show would be the flagship show of the station. It’s a blessing and a privilege to be a part of that.

KM: Why do you think your and Alex Jordan’s (co host) personalities fit together so well?

Salt: The chemistry comes from our off air friendship. Nowadays we don’t need to communicate with each other, we finish each other’s sentences because we know each other so well.

KM: Are you serious or fun loving?

Salt: Most days, I can be fun. People think that I’m hilarious, but I don’t be trying to be funny! That’s just me. My humour is mostly I guess sarcastic and cynical. I can be very serious at times.

It depends on who you meet, if you meet Bruce Wayne or Batman.

Stay tuned to meet Batman and find out what Salt has to do with the original naming of Kadooment Day, what his dream is for Barbados, and the two ways to his heart.

To be continued in Part 2!

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