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 Salt Pt. 2: Batman The Performer By Night

When dusk falls, the mask goes on, the dark knight rises to his turntables and dominates the dancehall as the trim and neatly buttoned Salt transitions fluidly into Batman, an entertainer of formidable proportions.

Kurama Magazine: Where did the name ‘Salt’ originate?

Salt: At Harrison College I was involved in everything. I would’ve played hockey… and football for the school. I was always also on the courts, I ran for the school…. Whenever there was a concert I was the one who wanted to MC, when it came to Key Club I was the PRO.

I was fairly popular at school, so whenever something was happening my name would get called. So I said to myself one day, “You, my name like Salt!”

Kurama Magazine: Are you a Crop Over* fan?

Salt: Yeah, I’m a fan of Crop Over. I’m a fan of Soca music. It was actually my father who gave Kadooment Day the name “kadooment”. He was in the meeting with the NCF for the first Crop Over festival and they said they wanted to do the jump up and he said “Well, remember in St John when they got a lot of action they would say, they got a big kadooment.”

Kurama Magazine: What do you like about DJing?

Salt: Watching people react and appreciate my music, especially since I put so much work and time into creating my sets. Oftentimes when you see me playing it’s a set that I would have prepared and rehearsed several times before I actually step on stage. A set will take me anywhere between two days and three weeks to complete.

I started in a group called NTERFAZE at school and back then I was a completely different person. I was totally raw, I was wild, I didn’t know anything about bpms and whats not. When I came to SLAM FM, I met Simply Smooth and Scratch Master. In the first year at SLAM between 2010 to 2011 they taught me so much about … the craft of DJing, how to switch genres, how to create a vibe. This is stuff that I thought I knew, but they improved it tenfold.

Salt & Alex Jordan

Salt and radio show co-host Alex Jordan sharing a laugh

KM: What are some of the new trends in Calypso music?

Salt: I see there’s definitely a trend towards Ragga Soca – anything between 120 and 135 bpms seems to be ruling the roost right now. There’s been a decline in the production in terms of the quantity, not quality, of fast soca.

There’s been a huge pop influence not only in Barbados but in Trinidad, the birth of what they’re calling “Pop-So”. Machel leading the way with that, King Bubba doing songs like “We Want Drinks”.

KM: What are you bringing out this year?

Salt: This year for Crop Over I want to do some interesting stuff… I been so busy with work and DJing, that I’ve only recently started to focus on my song-writing again….Where my head is at right now, I don’t know if Barbados is necessarily ready for that.

KM: What is your favourite song that you’ve penned?

Salt: I gine tell you straight up, ‘Dream’ is my favourite song to date. I was kind of overwhelmed that I wrote that. For me it was really well written, and it was different. I don’t know if a lot of people really fully got it, but I think that the people who were supposed to get it, got it.

KM: Last year you sang about ‘Eating’ - what’s your favourite food?

Salt: That is a very tough one! Amm, honestly, I love…. I love lasagne! I love… I love… chicken alfredo pasta. Those are the two ways to my heart.

KM: What is your biggest Dream for Barbados right now?

Salt: My dream for Barbados is to see Barbadians become tolerant, understanding and compassionate to their fellow man. Leh we just focus on being our best selves.

His personality indicates a clear distinction where Bruce Wayne ends and Batman begins, but whichever Salt you run into, make sure you have chicken alfredo in one hand, and an opinion on music in another.

Follow Salt on Twitter. Check out part 1 of Salt's interview with Kurama Magazine.

*Crop Over: The most anticipated festival in Barbados, which was founded to celebrate the end of the sugar cane harvest. It begins in June and comes to a climax with Grand Kadooment on the first Monday of August.

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