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Big Red’s Pursuit Of Happiness

Big Red the DJ is an action man. Born Etienne Fraser and baptised in the fyah of singing, songwriting and producing soca music, his music pumps in triple digit bpms and is best enjoyed at major decibels.

His stage persona reflects a jovial, fun-loving party animal, but in this candid interview with Kurama, the hype man reveals what really makes him happy – including his penchant for the cute and cuddly, what he really has on his iPod and why he’s a sucker for a woman’s smile.

Fresh off of a micro tour promoting his “popso” music to the world, Kurama talks to the DJ about his pursuit of perfect happiness.

Big Red

 Big Red at Soca on da Hill 2011

Kurama Magazine: Tell us about your recent escapades overseas.

Big Red: I had the privilege of promoting my music recently in Germany for Berlin Carnival, as well in London and Birmingham in the United Kingdom. It was a great feeling to be in a place like Germany where their first language isn't even English, yet they were singing along with the words of my songs.

Kurama Magazine: Now you’re back, what’s the game plan for Crop Over 2013?

Big Red: Crop Over preparations are always dynamic. With the global face of music constantly changing, one has to adapt to change every year; as sounds, tones and rhythms change.

Sometimes a tune just hits you in the face and you go into the studio and it is recorded without having to exert too much effort. Those songs tend to be the magical ones.

Kurama Magazine: What are we going to hear from you this season?

Big Red: I am working with a lot more producers, as well as producing myself. You can expect some of the bashment oriented stuff, as well as some electronically influenced material. I also recorded a fast tune in the UK with a producer from there, my first fast song in 3 years.

KM: How do you spend your Kadooment Day?

BR: Kadooment Day is the most wonderful day of the year, as far as I can remember! I usually go down the road with the band Baje International, which also involves me performing on the truck before I rejoin the band on the road for that ultimate Bajan experience.

Big Red

KM: Tell the truth – what’s on heavy rotation on your iPod?

BR: Funny enough, I really don't listen to much soca. On my iPod, I currently have the album “Heavy Weather” from the jazz band Weather Report, some old dancehall songs and a ton of dance music mixes which I listen to in the car and in the gym.

KM: What do you like to do, aside from music?

BR: I am an avid sports fan. I follow basketball, cricket, tennis and athletics mainly. I also enjoy going to the gym to get in shape and maintain my accomplishments.

KM: I hear you have a soft spot.

BR: I love most animals. I have five dogs and two cats. If I lived in a bigger place, I would probably have more pets.

KM: What do you look for in a girl?

BR: I'm fond of most women in the world. I'm not picky to say that I have a particular type or interest in a lady, but I must admit that I'm keen on proper dental hygiene. I really admire ladies with nice teeth!

Bajan DJ Big Red

Calling his genre of soca a “global force to be reckoned with”, Big Red promises to release some music videos this year for his fans. For now, watch his collaborative release “Carnival Time” and check out his web site. Be sure to link up with him on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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