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 Who Will Be The Top 8 Sweet Soca?

Crop Over*, Barbados’ summer festival, is heating up as soca songs are being released left, right and centre. The sweet soca tunes are fuelling the Crop Over parties which are in full swing. Competition season for The Sweet Soca is soon approaching to find the sweetest tune that will climb the soca charts for Crop Over 2012.

Purple Niche by Janelle Mitchell

Though the semi-finalists for this year’s list are currently under review, the original list which was released last week is still on the minds of many Bajans. This list consisted of 16 semi-finalists with 1 reserve. When the list is officially updated, eight of them will compete with the reigning monarch Red Plastic Bag at MQI/98.1 The One Soca Royale.

The original list of the semi-finalists for this year’s competition and their songs were as follows:

Basil - Bounce around
Biggie Irie - Mas
Blood - Dah fuh lick yuh
Blood and Hypasounds - Any and everything
Brett - When de road call
Hypasounds - Wuk it up bad
Katalyst - Choir
Keann Walters - Too soon
Keisha Christian - Crowded
Khiomal - I remember
Lil Rick - I like muhself
Lorenzo - I come to party
Mikey - We loose
Mr Dale - Galore
TC - Whole day
Unda-Dawg - Ah love dat

The reserve is Malika - Doan hold back

Let’s hope that these names in the original list all accept the offer to be in the competition and don’t decline based on the surrounding controversy which caused Edwin Yearwood to decline from the first updated list.

Blood - Bajan Calypsonian

Blood is one of my top contenders (Photo by Franz Gittens)

Regardless of the outcome, I know that many of you die-hard fans will be there ranting, waving, swinging and, most importantly, singing the words and giving full support to your favourite artists. This also means that you have ranked and given these semi-finalists of the original list secret scores for their sweet soca tunes. What is your secret score?

Based on the airplay that most of these songs have received, there are a few that have secured spots in my personal ranking. The eight songs that have imparted that groovy feeling in me and instruct my body to rhythmically gyrate are those that I hope will indeed make the finals.

TC, Mikey, Lil Rick, Khiomal, Keann, Blood, Biggie Irie and Basil make it into my secret score for those heading to the finals. These eight I have chosen based on my experience with the songs. However, bear in mind that the performance delivered on the night of the semis with all the theatrical elements, sound, crowd participation among other criteria will be the determining factors for those chosen to make the finals of the competition leg.

Until that time approaches, we can continue to listen to the tunes and make our ways down to the competition to enjoy the Sweet Soca Semi-finals.

Stay tuned for updated list of the Sweet Soca Semi-finalists and the eight that make the Soca Royale!

*Crop Over: The most anticipated festival in Barbados, which was founded to celebrate the end of the sugar cane harvest. It begins in June and comes to a climax with Grand Kadooment on the first Monday of August.


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