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What a NeXperience!

Last Saturday, Bajans far and wide flocked to Kensington Oval to watch nightclub superheroes NexCyx at their best in what was dubbed the NeXperience. It truly was an experience!

The night kicked off with DJ Jus-Jay and DJ Puffy warming up the crowd but fans were anxious to see the main attraction. After what felt like an eternity for many, NexCyx finally appeared minutes to midnight.

NeXperience - Mahalia & Russell

Mahalia and Russell of NexCyx (All photos by A3KD Photography)

Mahalia, Andre, Kris, Russell and Chad made a dramatic entrance with hit single 'Gossip Girl', intensifying the audience's excitement to see the popular Bajan band on a bigger stage. NexCyx gave fans their money's worth by not only performing their catchy and memorable original music but also peppering their own style into their favourite covers of pop songs from their bar circuit days. They also took their production to the next level by including hip hop dancers; the break dancing really was a highlight of the night.

Kris of NexCyx

Kris of NexCyx

It was truly a treat to see the guest artistes incorporated into the band's set, creating a collaborative vibe. Crowd favorites Simon Pipe and Livvi Franc shared the stage for their song 'Through The Blinds', along with more of their fantastic original material. On top of that, Livvi Franc thrilled fans with her own rendition of 'What Now', the very personal track she wrote for Bajan superstar Rihanna.

The audience waving glowsticks in the air at NeXperience

Fans waving glowsticks in the air at NeXperience

Local jazz icon Arturo Toppin made a short but memorable appearance, as well as vocalist Rochelle, who was part of the original line-up of NexCyx many years ago. Local rapper Teff also added some hip hop flavour.

Then a big mystery was solved near the end of the concert. Throughout the promotion of NeXperience, NexCyx promised that there would be a celebrity surprise. After saying this special guest needed no introduction, Mahalia made room for Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship! They performed smash hit 'Good Girls Go Bad' and more recent single 'You Make Me Feel...'

Mahalia of NexCyx & Saporta of Cobra Starship

Mahalia and Saporta had great chemistry

Between songs, Saporta opened up about how much he loved Barbados and how he first encountered NexCyx when he came here to get married. Saporta and Mahalia had great chemistry on stage together, adding to the audience's excitement.

NexCyx ended the fun, memorable night by performing their newest single 'In Da Club' live for the first time. The NeXperience was worth all the hype and will be remembered by fans for a long time to come! 

See more photo highlights from the night below:

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