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4 Superfoods For A Flat Stomach

If you are anything like me you hate crunches, sit-ups or any ab-specific exercise designed to give a lady a flat stomach. What I hate more though is being a slim girl with a paunch. Therefore, I try everything to have said flat stomach including the dreaded exercises.

The exercises have played their part and my stomach is at its flattest in about 15 years. However, what I learnt on my journey is diet has an instrumental role in the size of your stomach and much of my food was contributing to the bloat that was my mid-riff.

In honour of my journey to a flat stomach, I share with you some of the superfoods that help contribute to a flat stomach.


Avocado has good fats that help get rid of flab (Photo by eblaser)


This is the food you want to eat to fight all forms of fat. It is all monosaturated fat that helps us lose the stomach paunch. The nutrients in avocado regulates the blood sugar spikes that cause bulges of fat to collect at various places around the body, including the stomach.

Green tea

Green tea is renowned for adding a much needed boost to the metabolism. A couple of cups a day can help reduce the calories one may have consumed and increase your metabolism. Green tea could also add an extra burn to your workout for a flatter stomach.

Woman drinking tea

Drinking green tea can boost your metabolism


While nuts do have some fat, once consumed in manageable portions, nuts are a great way to satisfy your hunger with less calories and with protein and monounsaturated fats.

The problem with consuming nuts is that you need to avoid the salted or enhanced nuts. These add negative fats and calories that will aid the retention of water and liquids, creating the paunch we are trying to avoid.


This strong source of protein is great nutrition for the body and great at helping on the quest to a flat stomach. Beans are low fat and contain very few calories. The fibre in beans helps the digestive system and brings out the six pack in each of us.

The above foods help us to reduce the unhealthy fats in our diets. Replacing some of the snacks that we eat that are high in cholesterol and polyunsaturated fats with these foods will contribute greatly to the flat stomach that you are looking for.

By regulating the sugars and liquids in the body and assisting the digestive system, these foods prove that a great part of the way to a flat stomach is through the diet.

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