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Lose Those Pesky Holiday Pounds

Christmas time is often the time of indulgence. We eat every and anything that we get our hands on, whether it is ham, pork, lasagne, black cake, pudding. Combine that with excessive alcohol and no exercise and the holidays often end with us between 5-10 pounds heavier.

Many people never lose those additional pounds but go on to add even more weight with each holiday season. Before they know it they are 30-40 pounds overweight. We don’t want to let the 5-10 pounds we have put on this season balloon into uncontrollable weight gain. We will:


The determination to return to a proper weight for ourselves will lead us to a moderate exercise routine that we can maintain until we achieve our weight goals and beyond. For me, exercise is easier if I like it so anything that is aerobic or dance oriented keeps me involved way longer. You may like weight-training or swimming or any other activity. Take it on with friends or by yourself; whatever you feel will help you persist until you achieve your goals. For best results, you may want to exercise at least 3-4 times a week.

Girls running on treadmills

Watch our nutrition

Evaluate the foods and excess levels that you would have consumed during the holidays. You may need to cut these foods out of your diet altogether or reduce the amount you eat in a week or day. Replace with foods such as vegetables, fruits and lean meats (such as turkey) that are better for you generally and combine with your exercise to help you manage not only the weight gain but your health and well-being.

Modify our lifestyle

These two things – exercise and nutrition – are a part of a lifestyle that allows us to be the best weight, the beast health and the best us possible. This takes the focus away from weight but allows us to avoid eating the same items at subsequent holidays that cause the weight gain. Adopting a healthy lifestyle helps us avoid the yo-yo dieting that can be unhealthy for us physically and emotionally.

The weight gain that occurs over Christmas does not have to stay with you forever. With determination and wise action, we will lose those pesky pounds and keep them off.

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