Wed, 11/20/2013 - 01:08 — Pauline Neckles

6 Ways To Avoid Yeast Infections

If the numbers are to be believed, up to 75% of women will experience a dreaded yeast infection at least once in their life. This is one of the most uncomfortable experiences that can leave you feeling fatigued, itchy and pained when urinating or having sex. Yeast infections are the source of skin problems such as rashes or acne and can even cause problems with the intestines for both men and women. 


In light of this information, I would love to avoid the occurrence of one or more yeast infections and I am sure that you would as well. My suggestion is to be proactive in your vaginal hygiene and health care regime as well as wary of your diet and the substances that come into contact with that area. 

  • Don’t douche – Not only is this unnecessary, as a healthy vagina cleanses itself but the chemicals in most products actually removes the compounds needed to protect against the vagina. Douche products have become popular as a means to keep clean and fresh in that area. However, regular showers and general hygiene is enough to ensure cleanliness and reduce the changes of yeast infections. In fact, avoid using perfumed soaps and shower gels as well.

  • Diet – As with most things in the body and mind, the key to health is what you eat. High sugar and salt diets create the perfect conditions for yeast infections to occur frequently. Add stress to that equation and that is trouble for your genital area. Increase your intake of foods with probiotics which can provide a sound environment against the development of yeast infections.

  • Proper undies – Cotton panties are the best for protecting your genital area from infections. Also be sure that they are not too snug or tight and don’t keep your vagina confined or uncomfortable for extended periods.

  • Follow your mom’s instructions – Moms always say wipe from front to back, not back to front. A front to back motion stops any unhealthy bacteria being transferred to your vagina thus avoiding yeast infection or worse.

  • Panty liners are hard on your vagina – These are supposed to keep you fresh and prevent vaginal odour from spreading. However, many times prolonged use may cause dryness due to the bleach used to make pantyliners and sanitary napkins white.

  • Monitor your use of antibiotics – They can kill a wide variety of bacteria in the body (good and bad), even those needed to maintain an infection free vagina.

  • Remember, avoiding yeast infections is a major key in maintaining your overall health.

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