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Are You Obsessed With Your New Love?

The first few months of a romantic relationship can be almost giddying in the effect it has on an individual. The dopamine centre in the brain, which is also called the “pleasure centre”, is working overtime. When you see the one you are involved with you get gushy and the warm and fuzzy feeling can overtake you.

At this time, you become somewhat obsessed with spending time with and thinking about your significant other. Sometimes, this obsession can be as intense as a case of OCD. Though this may not be the norm, such obsession has the potential negatively impact your life.

While romance is great and necessary for us as human beings, letting your obsession go to the point of neglecting other areas of your life is harmful for your long-term holistic health and well-being. I hope this article helps you consider ways to diminish your preoccupation with a significant other.

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Enjoy the new love as long as you possibly can, and indeed take steps to build upon this new feeling and advance the stages of the relationship in a healthy manner. However, take time to review your life and create your list of priorities in terms of health, family, career or studies, relationship, friendship etc. This will help you determine what you need in your life for optimal health.

After creating this list of priorities, determine what is most important to you, never forgetting who has been there for you in the past, is here now and will be in the future; what you enjoy doing that makes you feel rewarded such as sports, career and studies. Keep in mind that in holistic health, all of your life needs to be optimised for complete well-being.


Do not lose sight of the things you loved to do before you got into the relationship. Keep your fitness and artistic pursuits active so that you don’t lose yourself and your self-worth in the relationship.

Allowing your hobby and your other loves to die might help you spend more time with your significant other now but could build resentment for each other in the future.

Loved ones

Your family and friends also love you and you them so a new relationship should not stop you from spending time with this important support system in your life. Go to the movies, have lunch, watch your favourite programs with these people as you once did as much as possible.

Ditching them for the new love or sabotaging plans you made with them to satisfy your obsession with your significant other can backfire in cases where your loved ones may remember when you left them hanging.

Work or School

Needless to say do not let your studies or career suffer under the obsession of a new love. These areas help you provide for yourself financially and are a part of your professional growth. They also should be giving you personal satisfaction.

These areas are important and keeping them high in your priorities will help you manage the overwhelming desire to focus all your time and energy on your significant other.

Time for self

Lastly, do not forget to make time for yourself in terms of pampering and taking care of you. Take time to make sure your diet and exercise programs are optimal for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Also take time to read, meditate and do other things that you love to do alone so that your connection to self is not diminished. This will also help put the relationship and other aspects of your life in perspective so that no individual area of your life is handicapping your holistic happiness.

These suggestions are all helpful in keeping yourself in check so that you don’t let your obsession with your significant other damage your life or your relationship.

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