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Dealing With A Break Up During The Holidays

For some, the holiday season is one of the most romantic times of the year and they look forward to the time that they will share with their significant others.

So, a break up during this season could have the consequence of not only ruining the present Christmas but also causing all future seasons to be marred by the memory of the lost love.

Lonely girl during the holidays

If you are in this situation, here are a few tips to help you handle the break up in a way that would allow you to grieve for the lost relationship and move on with your life, and also not let the season to forever be dreaded.

  1. Have a good cry. “What?! During the holidays?” I hear you asking. Am I Crazy? For a couple of hours, be alone or with a trusted friend or family member and allow yourself to experience the stages of grief for the relationship. This will help you put the relationship in perspective and deal with it in a healthy way regardless of the time of year. Therefore, if you go out or see others, your whole time would not be spent obsessing over the break up and not enjoying the holiday spirit.

  2. Don’t stop the celebrations. Sometimes the reason we feel so horrible is we limit the activities that we could do at Christmas as a single person. Getting out there to the Christmas parties and other celebrations may not sound fun now but will show you that you can have a good time without your partner.

  3. Use the money you would have spent to buy his or her present to splurge on a nice gift for yourself. Maybe it’s something you always wanted and never got the chance to get or it’s the coolest new gadget. I can attest to the healing powers of retail therapy.

  4. Use the time that you have alone to be reflective about the past, and learn more about yourself, your goals and objectives for 2011 and beyond. This may help you realize that you were not as happy as you thought and that you are better off now and forever without that particular relationship or that there are goals that you have for yourself that would not be served with that love in your life.

It’s hard to think about breaking up over the holidays. But this may be the best time to re-energize and enter the new year with a fresh outlook.

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