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Get Over Your Ex Once & For All

Recently I spent all day listening to “Love is a Losing Game” by Amy Winehouse. The occasion: I just found out my ex-boyfriend I spent three months pining and longing for did not reciprocate my feelings and was dating again. I was crushed. This got me to thinking how I could avoid this situation in the future. Here I share my answers with you.

  • Remind yourself why you broke-up – If that ex treated you horribly, abused you or cheated on you, you may still be in love as you miss their company and have become lonely. Therefore, continuously remind yourself that the ex was not good to you and you deserve better.

  • Sometimes the break up is amicable so you never got the bitter emotions that accompany an acrimonious split. In this case, remember how you would feel if you did not want to be with an ex but he/she continued to try to be with you. Treat your current ex as you would like to be treated in that situation. It WILL be hard but let go and move on.

  • Be compassionate towards your ex and yourself. Let go of any bitterness. You may love him or her but if you both did the best you could to make the relationship successful and just could not make it work, it may be in both your best interest not to remain in a romantic relationship with each other.

  • Keep your distance – you may have ended amicably and decided to stay friends. However, maintaining constant contact may not be allowing you to process your feelings and get over the relationship.

  • Follow your dreams and purpose passionately – Focus your energy on creating a present and a future that is filled with what you love. Don’t waste your time and energy focusing on a past situation that will not change. Focus on making a positive difference, fulfilling your purpose and living your dreams.

  • Appreciate the lessons you learnt from the relationship, all the happiness that they brought to you, the new experiences they shared with you and release them with true gratitude for the difference they made in your life.

Lonely girl in love with her ex

It won’t be easy but I have started the road to healing and getting my life back. I let myself cry when I need to; I don’t ignore my feelings but I realise I have to let him go. With little steps like these you too could be on your way to getting over your ex.

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