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Five Types Of Friends - Which One Are You?

“Gems may be precious, but friends are priceless.”

Friendships are vital to the human condition and their absence can be emotionally damaging. But some types of friendships are more harmful than helpful.

Girlfriends on the beach

What type of friend are you?

What type of friend are you?

Best Friends

Best friends are a constant in our life and tend be life-long. They are the most personal of all friendships (think ‘Sex in the City’)! The affection, trust, loyalty and ability to be one’s self are the essence of the relationship. Best friends can be relied on when we need them. A case in point occurred when suffering from sciatica in my right shoulder. Choosing to wear a figure hugging dress for a function necessitated wearing a tummy control shaper. My attempt to pull it up progressed no further than my knees (spandex was never more unforgiving), as a result of excruciating pain. Without hesitation I called my best friend who promptly arrived to help. Dressing completed, she plied me with pain killers and all was well.


Amongst our friends are “frenemies”, our rivals. They take pleasure in our failures. They offer back-handed flattery. Some are disguised as ‘manipulators’, who use a range of conniving tactics to gain control. Are these really people you want to keep around?

School/University/Work Friends

These are formed from where we are at a particular point in our life. A common ground is shared with mutual expectations to learn, exchange information and ideas. Resulting from the duration of time spent together, they tend to transition to best or close friends.

Family Friends

These can include cousins, but are usually the children of our parents’ friends or neighbours. Shared memories create the bond. They may know intimate details of our family and us, but do not necessarily transition to being close friends.

Social Network Friends

They are established through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. A common interest and exchange of information, interests, photographs and contacts, creates an attachment which serves a mutual purpose. Often there is no physical contact.

Praise be to friends – they make us happy and keep us sane. 

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