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Farewell Barrio Dimitri

The fashion scene in Barbados took a heavy blow this weekend when Barrio “Dimitri” Braithwaite passed away on Saturday, July 14th. Barrio was a fashion blogger, (La Mode Dimitri) and arguably the best in the island. He loved the classic style, and never stepped out of the house without looking fabulous. He was also a great connection to the rest of the fashion industry, making many friends with internationally renowned models, photographers, stylists, journalists, and fellow fashion bloggers.

Barrio Dimitri

Barrio's fashion shoot with Kurama Magazine (All photos by Michael Alexander)

We’d like to extend our deepest sympathy to his family, friends and followers who are affected by his death. He was truly destined for greatness. I was fortunate enough to have interviewed Barrio Dimitri for Kurama Magazine, so if you would like to know more about this young lad you can find the Hidden Gems interviews here: Bajan à La Mode and Dimitri's Couture Dreams.

I was his official photographer and a very close friend. Below is an extract of my personal tribute to him from my web site:

Barrio and I had a unique relationship, and we were closer than I think most people realise. We had a connection, especially when shooting. I remember him always saying to me, whenever we were finding it difficult to meet up and shoot; ‘I can’t shoot with anyone else, because no one captures me like you.’ That meant a lot to me coming from this boy, who settled for nothing but the best. He taught me a lot about fashion photography, and my work would not be what it is today without him, he had a major influence on my style…

I know Barrio had many friends, touched many hearts, and inspired many dreams...  But as I heard someone say, ‘A fashion angel is now looking down on all of us.’”

Barrio Dimitri

Please take a look at our story together.

Long Live La Mode Dimitri!

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