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BBFW Ends On A Quick High: Pt. 2

After the Bajan collections gave a strong start to BB Fashion Week (BBFW), Caribbean Night had to keep the momentum of fabulous style going and the designers rose to the occasion. Sea Reinas presented a solid line of wearable swimwear with white frills and brightly coloured fringe accessories.

Sea Reinas

Sea Reinas (Photos by Dondré Trotman)

Kesia Estwisk's Kiss Urban ready to wear brand was sexy, young and sporty. The peek-a-boo style, neon yellow details, bold logos and beenie hats were a fun callback to the 1990s.

Kiss Urban

Kesia Urban Ready To Wear (Photos by Dondré Trotman)

Trinidadian Daww Creations featured primarily sophisticated business menswear. Soft spiral patterns, zebra prints and brocades added omph to a mostly neutral palette.

Daww Creations

Daww Creations (Photos by Dondré Trotman)

Anthony Red Fashion House is no stranger to the BB Fashion Week catwalk but this year the designer introduced Charu Lochan Dass' women's line. The audience was captivated by the dark floral motif, lipstick reds and sheer sensual dresses. The menswear mostly comprised of casual plaids and branded tees, unconventionally accessorised with feminine bags.

Anthony Red Fashion House

Anthony Red Fashion House (Photos by Dondré Trotman)

Kimon Baptiste of St. Vincent ended the night with Kimystic Designs and her characteristic tropical prints and bright yellows and greens, accentuated with large ruffles.

Kimystic Designs

Kimystic Designs (Photos by Dondré Trotman)

Earlier that day, BBFW had a Kids Fashion show for the first time, featuring Giordan William's Lemon Lily for girls and Bearded Gecko for boys. The ensembles were adorable and so were the models!

Giordan William

Lemon Lily (right) and Bearded Gecko (Kids Fashion Show photos by Kari McCarthy)

The final night of BBFW – International Couture – was quite disappointing because one of the two designers pulled out at the last moment. So even with the brief service award ceremony presented by producer Rodney Powers, the show only lasted about 10 minutes. Despite this, House of Byfield from Rotterdam, Netherlands left a strong impression on the fashionistas present. This menswear collection featured audacious prints encompassing quotes written in cursive.

Overall, BB Fashion Week was an enjoyable experience for fashion lovers who were able to support their favourite designers as well as preview new labels. Let's hope it's bigger and better next year.

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