Tue, 11/11/2014 - 13:03 — Gina Aimey-Moss

Ling Ling Breathes Life Into Bajan Fashion

Ling Ling is what the Bajan fashion industry needs. The vintage-inspired line, designed by veteran stylist Jacqueline Benn Schuppe, was launched in Barbados this month.

Ling Ling 2014

All photos courtesy Ling Ling

Benn Shuppe has decades of experience in the international fashion world under her belt and it shows in her sophisticated and fresh collection.

Unfortunately, the showcase started over an hour late, opening with young designers Katrina Brathwaite and Alexis Campbell. Though full of potential, their collections seemed rushed and incomplete, unlike Ling Ling which told a story.

In the end, the well constructed Ling Ling collection - with its crisp whites and deep blue hues - turned out to be worth the long wait. Check out the line below.

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