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Stilettos Are Simply Fabulous!

Models, designers and actresses have been using the stiletto heel for eons! (Simply because they're fabulous!) I believe that every woman should invest in at least two pairs; nude and black! :)

The term "stiletto" refers to a type of shoe heel that is pointy, thin and high. Also called "spike" or "spiked" heels.

Relatively thin high heels were definitely around in the late 1800s, which is proven by numerous fetish drawings. Hard photographic evidence also exists. For example, the photographs of Parisian singer Mistinguett from the 1940s, who made a clear statement of her sexy feminine fashion sense. The first firmly documented designer of the high, slim heel was Andre Perugia.

According to Wikipedia, "André Perugia (1893-1977) was a French shoe designer with Italian parentage. In 1909, Perugia worked with designers including Paul Poiret, I. Miller, Charles Jourdan, Jacques Fath, and Hubert de Givenchy." Perugia is also known for his trademark heel-less shoe!

The word stiletto is derived from stylus, meaning a pin or stalk. Its usage in footwear first appeared in print in the New Statesman magazine in 1959: "She came... forward, her walk made lopsided by the absence of one heel of the stilettos."

The stiletto heel is usually paired with pumps, which are a staple in the fashion industry. Pumps can be paired with almost ANYTHING; jeans, miniskirt, business wear etc. However, do NOT think about wearing them with a strappy sandals worthy dress; like a floral-print strapless gown nor a gypsy skirt! Other than that, they're pretty versatile.

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